The Beginning…

I believe when God has a lesson or message for a person He finds a way to make them listen.  Sometimes it might take us a little while to get with the program but my God has time and much more patience than I do.  When I became a mother I knew my purpose was found.  I want meant to be this child’s mother.  Every moment, breath and decision had brought me here.  When I started sharing myself on social media as a mother I did not have that clarity.  I wasn’t sure what or why I was sharing parts of me when my natural instinct is to remain silent and private.

My God waited.  He waited for me to be open to the message He was delivering from the start.  My journey as an only parent comes with a responsibility.  That responsibility isn’t only to my daughter but to you too.  I am here for you.  I am here to help you.  I am here to support you.  It doesn’t matter who you are.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a single mom, dad or not a parent.  You have found your way here for a reason and that is because our paths are meant to cross.

You might be here because you too are an only parent.  To me, that means that you are raising your child as their only active parent.  You receive little or no support from their other parent.  That person may not be involved at all.  Being an only parent does not need to mean you are raising your child alone.  I will never say I do it all alone.  Without my parents and village, I would be lost.  Still, every single decision and need of my child must be met by me.

You might be a single parent.  You might be co-parenting or working towards co-parenting.  You might be a parent wondering if you could do this single parenting thing.  You might even be a married parent or a non-parent looking for a way to understand and support a single parent in your world.

Whatever brought you here I want to support you.  My story will not be yours or anyone else’s you know.  That’s the thing about single parents.  We don’t all have the same story, the same needs, the same worries or same fears.  Just like all parents, our journey is unique.

I’m here sharing with you because God told me to do so.  This started as a monthly chat on Instagram between me and some pretty remarkable women.  It is now a website.  Tomorrow?  Who knows.  I look forward to watching where this goes and what it will become.  What it will not become is a place of negativity.  If you’re looking for a place to wallow in resentment and bitterness this is not that place.  This is a place of joy and love.  Yes, sometimes there will be anger and tears but we are only human.

Being a single parent doesn’t mean that you must live a miserable life.  I am here to share my world that is filled with love and laughter.  I won’t ever pretend that life is perfect but I will help you remember that through the storm you can find a calm.