It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

My daughter LOVES Christmas.  She ran up to my father tonight and said, “Grandpa, did you know the day after tomorrow is Christmas?”  Most children are excited about Christmas because they finally get to see if they’ve gotten everything they’ve asked for.  When my father asked my baby girl why she was so excited about Christmas she responded, “because it is a family day Grandpa.  We get to spend it with the people we love.”

Now, let’s not fake the funk.  That little girl is excited to open the multitude of gifts she has been checking out under the tree but for her, the real source of the day is about being with people she loves spending time together.  I feel so blessed that even though she gets all of the material things her little heart desires she gets it.  She gets that this world is about love and family.  She gets it better than most adults do.

She reminded me tonight that I haven’t given her money to go buy my Christmas gift.  Yup, because in my world of single momming it I supply the cash for my gifts, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and my birthday.  I give my daughter $20 and her grandfather takes her shopping. It makes her happy to “buy” me something.  And it makes me happy not to have to pick out my own gift.

If you know a single parent or are a single parent remember this.  We do a lot.  We spend a lot of our time and energy worrying about others.  We spend a lot of our energy making sure others have their needs and wants met.  It is a blessing if someone thinks about us.  If someone reaches out in a small way to meet our needs and wants.  Take someone’s child shopping for their parent.  It will mean the world not only to the parent but also to the child.

My daughter beams with pride when I open the gift she picks out for me.  It makes her feel like she’s done something so very important.  And you know what?  She has.  In that small gesture, she has shown me that it is never about the gift but always about the sentiment behind it.  It is about spending time thinking about what will make another person smile.